Raise Hens & Chickens In Your Backyard

chicken coops designs

If you have a spacious backyard, you may want to consider raising hens so that you can enjoy having fresh eggs all year round. Hens and chickens are easy to upkeep and a joy to have around. Children love them too.  You may want to start your own project of building a chicken coop.  Unless you are good at designing, the easiest way is to use ready made chicken coops designs.

There are plenty of chicken coops designs available, so choosing one that is aesthetically pleasing and blends with the neighborhood architecture and color is good. Decide upfront how many chickens you want keep because the size of the coop will depend on this. The population of your chickens may grow over time so take this into consideration too when deciding the size. Find a spot in your backyard that gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air, but protected from strong winds and flooding.

chicken coops designs

The materials are easy to source.  Some of my chicken coop materials were bought from Home Depot, and some were salvaged from discards.  It was satisfying to see the project completed from start to finish.   Some high tech chicken coops  have solar panels to store energy for lighting and to run a small fan.  That is a cool idea.

Provide a nesting area in a dark corner because hens prefer to lay their eggs in a quiet and dark environment. Simply place a straw lined box for the hens to lay their eggs. You would be surprised at the number of eggs produced if the nesting box is done correctly.  Very often, I have more eggs than I really needed.  Many had to be given away.

Now that you have your own hens and chickens, the eggs are always fresh and healthy.  Nothing could be more satisfying than going to the chicken coop and retrieving the eggs to cook breakfast, just like in the old days.